"Fab for Free" project share template

INSTRUCTIONS: Get free PCB fabrication credits by sharing your Quilter-designed projects!

Feel encouraged to add any additional detail to your project share that you’d like! To qualify for a credit, please be sure to touch on the following in your project share:

Project overview

Describe are you building and your motivation for the project.

Circuit board description:

Describe the circuit board you’re building, and what you provided to Quilter as an input.

Selected layout:

Share the layout candidate that you selected.

  • Why did you chose it?
  • What did you like about it?
  • What did you not like about it?


Did the board work when you built it? If not, what do you think went wrong?


What did you like about using Quilter, and what could it do better?

README: How to use this template


As a part of our “Free to Fab” program, customers who share their Quilter-generated projects in this category are eligible to earn additional “Free to Fab” credits that they can use to fabricate additional Quilter-designed PCBs free of charge.

Steps to use

Creating a project share
To create a “Free to Fab” project share, follow these instructions:

  1. Click the “New topic from template” button above

  2. Delete the placeholder instructions and replace with your own content. Feel free to add additional sections that are not in the template! Screenshots and photo/video encouraged!

  3. Be sure to select the “Projects” category for your post

  4. Post your project share!

Redeeming a project share credit
In our “Free to Fab” request form, share the URL of your project share in applicable section of the form. We’ll validate that the post is eligible and approve another “Free to Fab” request so you can keep building Quilter-designed projects for free!