March newsletter

A roundup of Quilter updates and improvements from March 2024.

1/ Jobs now complete 3.5x faster

Last week, we shipped a rebuild of Quilter’s local routing submodule that accelerated routing by 7x and overall job time by 3.5x. While it isn’t the only thing that matters, compilation speed is a rising tide that lifts all ships 🚢

Faster routing means →

  • less time waiting for jobs to complete
  • higher completion rate for boards with challenging constraints
  • faster learning and improvement for our AI design agent

The best part? This is just the first of many speedups planned for 2024. Hold on to your hats! 🚀

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2/ John used Quilter to explore a test board for a battery charger IC

John is an electrical engineer with decades of experience designing electronics for the world's largest consumer hardware companies. He recently used Quilter to generate a simple test board to evaluate a battery charger IC for a new project.

Before fabricating this design, John used Quilter to generate 5 versions of the same PCB – each with different board sizes, connector placements, and design constraints.

For John, Quilter helps him explore and understand what a new design could be before he finally decides what it should be:

When I'm working 1:1 with a [PCB] designer, I'm really conscientious of their time, and I realized when I was using your product I'm not wasting anybody's we can analyze things, go off on tangents – we can say, "what if we try this, what if we try that?"

So I think this really liberated me from feeling guilty because I asked somebody to route something a certain way and it didn't work out. A lot of these designs that I work on are a collaboration, and I don't want to send someone down a path where they'll throw rocks at me later. The computer's never going to throw a rock at me, so it gives me that freedom.

John's story is a microcosmic example of why we created Quilter – to help electrical engineers spend more time playing, learning, and exploring to build better products, faster.

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3/ We’re hosting a joint webinar with Summit Interconnect on the future of AI + electronics design

We’re excited to partner with Summit Interconnect, North America's largest privately held PCB manufacturer, to host a webinar to discuss the past, present, and future of AI and automation in electronics design.

Like the Internet before it, AI seems poised to consume the world. In this 45-minute webinar, Sergiy (Quilter’s Founder + CEO) will share his vision of how engineers and businesses will use AI to explore, design, and manufacture better products, faster than ever.

This webinar will take place in two weeks on April 24 at 11:00am PT. You can learn more and register to attend using the linked page below.

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4/ See more Sergiy on the web

Want to hear more from Sergiy about Quilter’s mission, and our vision for the future of electronics design? Find more Sergiy content on your favorite AI and electronics podcasts, below:

  • Autopilot: “Automating Circuit Board Design with Reinforcement Learning w Sergiy Nesterenko, Founder of Quilter”
  • Macrofab: ”Tracing a Path for PCB Design Automation with Sergiy Nesterenko”
  • Supplyframe: “Automating PCB design with Sergiy Nesterenko”
  • Amp Hour: “Intelligent Routing with Sergiy Nesterenko”

5/ Share your feedback, get a reward!

We’re hard at work on a slew of product improvements including routing for differential pairs and additional compiler speedups. Do you have other ideas for how we can make Quilter better? We’d love to talk with you!

If you’ve used Quilter to generate your own custom PCB design, click the button below to schedule a 60-minute product feedback interview with Quilter’s product team. We’ll send you a $100 digital reward to say “thank you”.

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