Winter newsletter

Winter newsletter

A roundup of changes and improvements to Quilter throughout the late fall and early winter.

1/ Octilinear Traces

In our last newsletter, we asked users to share theirfeedback on the visual appearance of Quilter’s “curvy” traces. The response was clear – users said our curvy traces looked “messy” and “wrong” because they lacked the octilinear (45/90 deg) routing style of human-designed traces.

We’re happy to share that Quilter now utilizes octilinear trace routing for all generic traces routed by our design agent. Try resubmitting a board designed prior to November to see the difference on your own design!

See for yourself

2/ Thin-to-thick traces

As of late December, Quilter’s design agent has the ability to route traces with variable widths. This allows Quilter to better route power traces with minimum amperage requirements that terminate with fine-pitched ICs and connectors.

Try thin-to-thick

3/ Quilter community forums

We’re excited the announce the launch of our community forums at, where Quilter users can:

To join the community, simply log in with your existing Quilter email and password.

Visit the community

That’s it for now, but we’ve got some big announcements and product updates coming in our January newsletter.

Stay tuned!

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