Board in 3D looks weird

Hi @miguel!

I took a look at one of the candidate files (candidate 22 in particular). I am seeing the board outline show up OK on my end (I am using the latest version of Altium - 24.1.2). I did a bit of googling and came across a similar issue here: board - Altium not showing PCB's body in 3D view - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange - perhaps you can try the suggested there?

One known issue that we do have here is that Quilter still doesn’t move the 3D component bodies to match what happened to the footprints. So you still see the 3D bodies off the board, and in strange places. This is on our roadmap to fix (unfortunately Altium handles positioning for 2D footprints and 3D bodies in separate locations in their file format). We’ll get that fixed!

That said, it shouldn’t prevent you from being able to manufacture the board. The 3D body locations won’t impact the actual gerber / fab files you generate.